Monday, May 4, 2009

Goldfish Symptoms

Common Goldfish Symptoms

  • Ammonia and nitrite poisoning:

Caused by little or no beneficial bacteria in tank or pond water

Goldfish has clamped fins; Goldfish has folded or closed fins; Goldfish is bottom sitting & listless; Goldfish has red streaks in tail; Goldfish has black patches; Goldfish may loose appetite
Goldfish Care 10 STEP

  • Nitrate poisoning:

Caused by infrequent water changes; high levels in tap water; overstocked tanks or pond

Goldfish is bottom sitting; Goldfish has no appetite; Goldfish has bent position; Goldfish folded over; Goldfish is curled; Goldfish has raised scales or pine coning
Nitrate Poisoning

  • Oxygen deprivation:

Caused by low pH levels; little or no surface action; supersaturated gases; enclosed aquariums or tanks

Goldfish is gasping; Goldfish gasping at surface; Goldfish is sucking air at surface; Goldfish has bleeding from eye; Goldfish has bulging eye or pop eye; goldfish has redness at gills; Goldfish has rapid gill movement
Oxygen Deprivation: Anoxia

  • Bacteria Infection:

Caused by little or no surface action and filtration; decreased amounts of beneficial bacteria; inadequate water changes; infection
Goldfish frayed fins; Goldfish torn fins; Goldfish missing fins; Goldfish missing scales; Goldfish fungus on mouth or body; Goldfish has 'cotton like fungus; Goldfish pooh is very light pooh; Goldfish has very dark pooh; Goldfish has stringy pooh; Goldfish has hole in head; Goldfish has sores; Goldfish has sores; Goldfish is listless; Goldfish has little or no interest in feeding; Goldfish has no appetite; Goldfish has film or mucus on body or fins

Bacteria, Friend or Foe?

  • Parasite or worms:

Caused by infection
Goldfish is flashing; Goldfish is rubbing; Goldfish exhibits sporadical swimming; Goldfish has visual parasites; Goldfish has visual worms; Goldfish missing scales; Goldfish prefers isolation; Goldfish has no interest in feeding
Salting Our Fish

  • Swim bladder issues:

May be caused by water pressure; damaged or weak swim bladder; constipation or indigestion

Goldfish is floating; Goldfish floating at top of tank; Goldfish floating at 45 degree angle; Goldfish is swimming upside down; Goldfish swimming lopsided; Goldfish tilted; Goldfish is bobbing; Goldfish is bloated; Goldfish is upside down; Goldfish is flipped over; Goldfish can't swim; Goldfish has uncontrolled swimming; Goldfish has broken blood vessels in dorsal area
Floating Issues

  • Bubble Disease:

Caused by supersaturated gases found in tap water

Goldfish has bulging eye(s); Goldfish bulging on side; Goldfish has bubbles escaping mouth; Goldfish has bubbles escaping gills; Goldfish has tumors; Goldfish has tumor looking bumps; Goldfish has dilated veins in dorsal area; Goldfish has visual broken capillaries; Goldfish has broken blood vessels in or around fins; Goldfish is gasping at surface; Goldfish has bulging on one side; Goldfish may loose appetite

Bubble Disease

  • Metal, chemical, chlorine, chloramines, medication or salt poisoning:

Caused by exposure to extreme amounts

Goldfish has raised scales; Goldfish has pine coning; Goldfish is listless; Goldfish has loss of appetite

Medicating Our Goldfish